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Posted by popraz - February 15th, 2010

If you like my work, you can also check out my portfolio on Audio Jungle :

Audiojungle Profile Link
Audiojungle Portfolio Link

The songs there are not Creative Common license like on NG and are watermarked to prevent theft.

For those interested, I'm available for freelance work.

Posted by popraz - April 27th, 2009

I've been wondering lately, what is the meaning of life ? What is it that's so great about life that everyone is so eager to live it to the fullest. We just seem to be born, crawl our way through life and then die. Am I missing something ? Is there some bigger picture that I can't see ? What do you think ? Have you discovered the meaning of life ?

Posted by popraz - February 23rd, 2009

The Oscars have come and gone. Generally a pretty decent show, unlike previous years, if predictable. Slumdog Millionaire won 8 awards, some deserved, but some completely wasted, because, particularly in terms of music, and especially in terms of musical score, the Academy wasted another oportunity to recognize valuable work (Benjamin Button clearly had a superior score). Glad to see Sean Penn, Kate Winslet, Heath Ledger win, not so sure about Penelope Cruz ( I thought Viola Davis was way better). Any thoughts on this year's awards ?

Posted by popraz - February 5th, 2009

The awards season is almost over, the last two big awards will are coming, the BAFTAs and the Oscars. Any favourites or comments ? I personally think the Oscars are becoming too predictable. Slumdog Millionaire will win Best Picture and Director, without actually being the absolute best. Not really a huge fan of the nominees this year, I think a lot of good movies were snubbed, like The Wrestler. Heath Ledger will probably receive one of the few deserved awards, and it's a shame he isn't alive to see his work rewarded. Sean Penn and Mickey Rourke will duke it out for Leading Actor (personally i would love to see Rourke get the award). Wall-E wil inevitably win Best Animated Feature of the year, Waltz with Bashir will inevitably beat out competition in Best Foreign Film Category, Kate Winslet will win Best Actress (though I personally prefer Meryl Streep in Doubt, even though she already has plenty of Oscars). There won't be many differences I suppose between the BAFTAs and the Oscars. The same people will get the same distinctions on different nights. A rather dull awards season, with the usual suspects lined up.

Posted by popraz - December 11th, 2008

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to whoever reads this. I know it's a bit early but this post will be around for some time so I thought I'd start early.

Posted by popraz - November 23rd, 2008

Do you think the end of the world is coming ? And if so, what would trigger it ?

Posted by popraz - May 5th, 2008

Which, in your opinion, is the scariest movie of all time ? I think The Exorcist is. It never became outdated, it has strong acting and writing and it still sends shivers down the spine. What do you think ?

Posted by popraz - April 7th, 2008

How do you feel about the world today ?

Posted by popraz - February 26th, 2008

This news post thingy seems to not have much purpose if there's nobody out there to read it. That's why I never post, well, except now. Call it my News Post for Visitors. If you happen to drop by, and like my music, or whatever, just drop me a comment on this post. Just so I know I'm not alone. With that said, I have just completed my very first (and probably last) news post. Hurray !