Entry #1

Check In

2008-02-26 03:39:23 by popraz

This news post thingy seems to not have much purpose if there's nobody out there to read it. That's why I never post, well, except now. Call it my News Post for Visitors. If you happen to drop by, and like my music, or whatever, just drop me a comment on this post. Just so I know I'm not alone. With that said, I have just completed my very first (and probably last) news post. Hurray !


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2008-02-26 03:42:26

Yay! What an epic news post.

popraz responds:

Epic ? It is, isn't it ? Larger than life itself, deeper than the deepest, darkest ocean.


2008-03-12 13:17:57

Hey you do really awesome atmosphere!

popraz responds:

Thank you very much !


2008-04-22 16:05:35

LOL you have a second post ^^
thanks for the review :)


2008-10-04 09:48:14

I've been a member of NG longer than you but you have a higher rank than me!!