Academy Awards 2009

2009-02-23 09:38:21 by popraz

The Oscars have come and gone. Generally a pretty decent show, unlike previous years, if predictable. Slumdog Millionaire won 8 awards, some deserved, but some completely wasted, because, particularly in terms of music, and especially in terms of musical score, the Academy wasted another oportunity to recognize valuable work (Benjamin Button clearly had a superior score). Glad to see Sean Penn, Kate Winslet, Heath Ledger win, not so sure about Penelope Cruz ( I thought Viola Davis was way better). Any thoughts on this year's awards ?


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2009-03-18 07:31:56

I know I'm a bit late on this comment but my opinion is that the oscar for original music is always decided after the weight of the movie or toher perspectives - for example the movie gets an oscar for music because another movie took the main oscars and the academy wants to 'compensate' it giving the oscar for original music. (Like in case of 'Babel').

And I think Alexander Desplat or James Newton Howard should have won this year for their scores. Especially James Newton Howard who is a 7 times nominee - so far I know - but never won the Oscar yet. Shame for the academy...

So that's my opinion about it.

popraz responds:

It's never too late. I absolutely agree with you. It's a shame that the Oscars have become awards given for "political" reasons rather than artistical.