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Question of the Month #2

Posted by popraz - May 5th, 2008

Which, in your opinion, is the scariest movie of all time ? I think The Exorcist is. It never became outdated, it has strong acting and writing and it still sends shivers down the spine. What do you think ?

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The Lionking.

The Ring
lol to the guy below me

or above

newest amityville horror

I found The ring, The Hills Have Eyes 1 & 2, boring =P. I have seen a lot of scary movies and they don't really scare me...


"Diary of the Dead" freaked me =). I like that one. Its the one were its like real life camera style its really cool.

There was a blackout in my building just after I've watched "The Ring"... I don't wish that to anybody:)) The image of that awful girl crawling out of the television and that little montage of her and the fountain and the house and the mother...ugh... but I lived to tell the story!
Never seen the Exorcist, not in a hurry to see it either: I'm the paranoid type.

Ah, The Ring freaked me out too ! Such fond memories. Too bad you won't see The Exorcist, it's really a head trip. Then again it can be devastating if you're paranoid...I should know !

All of asian horror films, especially ghost films. (not Hollywood version)
It'll haunted you for a life time.
I'd never watch them again.

I really liked the original "Halloween" and the 1976 version of "The Omen"( Both themes were hauntingly classic.) And who can forget the shower scene from "Psycho"? "The Shining" did Stephen King justice. As for "The Exorcist", I say Choose Pazuzu! (May Saint Damien Karras rest in peace.)

...WELL? What do you think?

Good choices. All of them. Oooh, and if you haven't already, you should watch the Evil Dead trilogy, especially the second one.

I got to say the movies don't scare me at first, after I start thinking about the movie then it starts getting creepy, I have got to say the ring freaked me out.