February Post : The Oscars and BAFTAs are coming.

2009-02-05 16:18:55 by popraz

The awards season is almost over, the last two big awards will are coming, the BAFTAs and the Oscars. Any favourites or comments ? I personally think the Oscars are becoming too predictable. Slumdog Millionaire will win Best Picture and Director, without actually being the absolute best. Not really a huge fan of the nominees this year, I think a lot of good movies were snubbed, like The Wrestler. Heath Ledger will probably receive one of the few deserved awards, and it's a shame he isn't alive to see his work rewarded. Sean Penn and Mickey Rourke will duke it out for Leading Actor (personally i would love to see Rourke get the award). Wall-E wil inevitably win Best Animated Feature of the year, Waltz with Bashir will inevitably beat out competition in Best Foreign Film Category, Kate Winslet will win Best Actress (though I personally prefer Meryl Streep in Doubt, even though she already has plenty of Oscars). There won't be many differences I suppose between the BAFTAs and the Oscars. The same people will get the same distinctions on different nights. A rather dull awards season, with the usual suspects lined up.


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